The 80:20 rule of weight loss

This post may catch me some flack from the training world. But honesty is where the truth lies, so here goes…..

How many of your friends have you heard say “I got a trainer, he’s going to help me lose all this weight I have to lose”? Maybe you’ve said it yourself. Or how about, “I just started working out. I’m going to get so shredded!” I hate to burst your bubble, or your friends bubble but your trainer isn’t all powerful or all knowing (even though we like to think we are). And without a dialed-in nutrition plan, you will not see the results that you want.

The 80:20 rule of weight loss is a widely accepted, albeit not scientifically supported, concept stating that 80% of weight loss is controlled by diet and 20% by exercise. In other words, to get the results you want in your weight loss journey, you have to ensure that you are feeding your body correctly. The right choices, the right amounts at the right times. Here’s where I catch flack, most trainers can’t or won’t but more importantly, shouldn’t give you nutritional counseling. Its not that your trainer is keeping all the best tips to him/herself, but without certification in the nutritional counseling field, its out of your trainers “scope of practice” and they could be held legally liable if something goes wrong with your eating (allergic reaction, disruption in medication etc). More than that, would you take advice from your dentist about the best drill on the market because he was just drilling your teeth? No, you’d go to the hardware store, to the subject matter experts. Nutrition is the same deal.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is no substitute for a good trainer (what makes a good trainer will be the topic of another post). A good trainer will push you to be your best, provide you with a personalized progressive program and help you reach fitness goals you never thought possible. This will help you get stronger, feel better, be healthier and impact your life in ways your never thought it would. There’s nothing I love more than seeing clients reach strength, endurance and fitness goals. But without adjusting your nutrition, you will see hard, minimal amounts of weight loss. I’m not trying to rain on any parades but proper diet and nutrition are essential to weight loss. There is another “but” coming… But don’t fret or be discouraged, in fact, having this knowledge is a good thing. There are plenty of sources out there that can give you all the information that you need to make the right choices. However, in all honesty, YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO! Cut out the processed “fake” foods. No more Coke, no more McDonald’s (I don’t care how healthy they say it is). Eat 6-8 servings of veggies, drink lots of water. I realize that its a little more complicated than this but its not really rocket science and those few changes will make a world of difference. This is your chance, educate yourself about food. You have to make choices about what you eat all day, everyday. Every choice you make will impact your success or failure. There are nutritional counselors and dieticians out there that went to school to learn about food and how our bodies react to it. Make an appointment with one today.

You are with your trainer for a few hours a week. You are with yourself every minute of every day. You can do it, every choice matters, take it one meal at a time, one training session at a time and one pound at a time. You won’t regret your hard work. You will regret putting it off any longer.

Thanks for reading!

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