Make that treat your bitch!

The secret to making any diet or healthy living plan successful is longevity. It has to be something that you can maintain. With Halloween having just passed us by, leaving a trail of candy wrappers in its wake, I feel that it’s important to have a strategy in place to allow yourself to enjoy this time of year without feeling guilty. It’s also a great dry run for Christmas; a time of year where food is the focus of many events that you’ll attend. If you love a sweet treat now and again, but feel like you’ve just committed a capital offence by eating it then you are not allowing yourself to enjoy everything that a holiday has to offer and are setting yourself up for failure. Sweets are good, and I would argue that they are good for your mental well being….in moderation. But they are only good for you if you saver every second while eating them. If you’re just chucking them in your mouth with no mindfulness, you are abusing them.

One of the best strategies I’ve heard for allowing yourself to enjoy the odd treat at festive times of the year is to actually ENJOY them. If you’re having a mini chocolate bar, A) make sure that it’s your favourite and 2) see how long you can make it last. Saver every second each little bit is in your mouth. Make it a special occasion all of its own. I put a question out to my Facebook followers (King Cobra Fit) asking what their favourite Halloween candy is and one of my clients said she loves the mini coffee crisps and she loves to eat them layer by layer. That is a great way to eat them. Find a way to enjoy your treat. Own the decision to eat it. Make that treat, whatever it may be, the best treat you’ve ever had. This will maximize your enjoyment and will help stave off your craving for it. I know it sounds weird but it’s true. If you absolutely enjoy your treat you will feel satisfied and it will be easier to say “no thank you” to another one. Just be sure that your serving size is not ridiculous, not a whole cake, just a small slice, and enjoy every morsel of it. Remember, OWN the decision to eat it, its your choice, you don’t have to eat it, so make it worth it.

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