“I’ve been taking Matt’s classes all year and really notice the change in my level of fitness and measurements. Every class is a different workout. I’ve not had the same workout yet. Playing cards or dice some times choose the exercise and duration which makes for a fun class.

Matt is also very helpful and patient and will give me modifications if I need them.”

Debbie M


“I am not usually someone who participates in group fitness or sports, but many of my friends are. Reluctantly, I decided to give FUNctional Sunday boot camp a try and quickly became hooked. I now roll out of bed when it is still dark out for weekday 5:30am classes – unheard of in my ‘previous life’! Matt’s creativity and thoughtfulness have turned dreaded workouts into something I actually look forward to. I have so be careful with my joints and Matt has tailored many exercises for those of us who have limitations or injuries. I feel very comfortable in each class and enjoy the environment – a wide variety of equipment, great company, a supportive and encouraging trainer and the best part is that no one is yelling at you!!! If you are looking for a great fitness program with plenty of fun and variety, King Cobra Fitness is the place to be!”

Trina L


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