A thank you

Every now and again I’m so humbled and grateful for those around me. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to accomplish something and look back at the help you received, little or big and know that without that help it would have been much more difficult or impossible. This is my way of saying thank you.

Today was my first attempt at a “Flash Mob”. But not just any Flash Mob, a Bootcamp Flash Mob. Now, what does every Flash Mob need? That’s right, people.  When most people hear Flash Mob they think “Sweet, sign me up”. However, when those same people hear Bootcamp Flash Mob, they say “sounds like fun. Let me know how it goes”. Without people a Flash Mob is all but useless.

My Bootcamp Flash Mob today was anything but useless. From my Girl Friend that stayed up till 2 Am helping me make T-Shirt to the buddy who made some phone calls and rallied a few more troops, then shows up wearing an afro wig and bright orange knee high socks (it was priceless); From The late additions that felt every foot step in their hung over heads, to the supportive mom who was right there with all the “youngling”, showing that there is no age limit on fitness; A borrowed Iron from a friend there in spirit and who could forget the roommate that’s, down for pretty much whatever.

We ran, we sweated, we cheered and yeah there were a few dirty looks, but what bootcamp is complete without a few of those. Everyone put on a smile, had a good time and helped promote a friends or acquaintances budding small business, because I asked for a “small” favor. A thousand times, thank you

It’s easy to get caught up in your own world and what you are trying to accomplish, but if you don’t stop and acknowledge those that helped you along the way big or small, before you know it you’re doing it alone and that’s really no fun.

Thank you for reading

Matt Kingstone – King Cobra Fit

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