Why do you train?

Ok this is my first post, so bare with me, I’m going to try and not come off preachy

How would you answer the question, why do you train? Everyone has their own reasons to workout, exercise or train; To stay healthy, To look better, for a sport or event, Because “they” say its important. The list goes on and on and its as individual as the person themselves. However, if we strip that question down to its bare bones, grass roots, how would you answer it? Everyone will have the same answer or at least should, and that is ADL’s. Activities of Daily Living; Walking to the grocery store or up stairs without any undue stress, lifting the kids or grand kids off the ground without pain or discomfort, or simply getting out of bed without stiffness (this is of course something that everyone who trains has experienced and is a different “stiffness” than that experienced by a de-trained individual). Now I know what you’re thinking and I can see the eye rolling. You’re thinking “Well obviously, but that is too basic. I train cause I’m going to Mexico in a month and I want to be shredded”. That is a valid reason, however I put this question forward; How is training for the beach in Mexico and training to make your every day life easier any different? Should they be approached differently? My personal answer to that is no.

Just the other day I listened to a pod cast on Functionalmovement.com by Grey Cook about exercise economy. Not speaking about economy in the traditional monetary sense but specifically about how efficiently or economically you use your time when training. Are you doing bicep curls, tricep push downs, and a1000 crunches? If so, without sounding cheeky, why? Now, I want to say, there are no bad exercises only poor technique and form, having said that, there is a chance that some people are spending time doing some movements that are taking time away from arguably more important movements. How heavy is that fork that you are curling up to your mouth? Or how many times do you plan on sitting straight up in your pool chair? And to be honest, I can’t think of a practical, real world application for the tricep pushdown/extension movement. I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is; Are you spending time training functionally or solely for aesthetic appeal. Can they not be one in the same?

The importance of functional excersies will be the topic of a future post but for now all I’m saying is its not a bad idea to stop and think about the movements you are choosing and how they will translate into your everyday actives.

Ok, so now, why do you train? Your answer; To make my life easier, more enjoyable…and to get a few double takes from the girls at the gym. That feels pretty good too 😉

More to come. Thanks for reading

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