Teaching is my tonic

I’m human. I get into bad moods; get tired; get grumpy. People have endless ways of getting out of blue spells; Exercising, eating, drinking, crying, yelling. I teach fitness. It doesn’t matter what mood I come into a fitness class in, I leave not thinking about what was bothering me and walk out feeling like I hit the reset button. And no, I don’t take out my frustrations on my class and beast them extra hard. I do what I always do, give the best class I can. If its a great class I leave feeling like a million bucks, if its an ok class, I leave feeling like half a million bucks. Either way, I feel much better than I did coming in.

I think the key is finding a way to gain some perspective on everything. Distract yourself from the emotions of the event and come back to it a little less bias, a little more clear on what’s important.

The next time you are burning in the face mad, tearing up sad or pulling your hair out frustrated, even if you don’t feel like it, take 30 – 60 mins and do that thing that lets you hit the reset button.


(my disclaimer, this is not the place for food, booze or drugs. Find a healthy distraction. Go for a run, play the guitar, take a walk, go to the beach. The key is to remove stressors not add them.)


As always, thanks for reading


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