Two positives don’t beat one negative – The weight loss saga

Two positives don’t beat one negative

If I asked you, “what is one positive change you can make in order to reach your weight loss goals”? I’m sure you could think of at least three or four. “I could drink more water”, “I could get an extra workout in this week”, or a big one, “I’m going to start eating breakfast”. But what about if I asked you to list off the negative choices you are making every day that are holding you back? “How much time you got?” might be your response. It’s so much easier to talk about the changes that we know we should make, then it is to talk about those things that we are doing and maybe have been doing for a long time that we know (or maybe don’t know) that we shouldn’t be doing. It’s much easier to think about the positive things we could do to “counteract” the negative choices we are so used to making.

I’m guilty myself of eating something, or doing something with the forethought of, “I’ll have this extra cookie and just work a little harder in the gym tomorrow”, knowing full well that, that isn’t how it works. It’s in our nature to indulge ourselves. It feels good to treat ourselves to something. However, when that treat becomes an everyday occurrence, that treat becomes the negative that’s holding us back.  I’ve had the “what’s your focus this week” conversation with many of my clients. We focus on eating breakfast, drinking more water and eating more veggies. But what we never talk about is those little “dust bunnies” in the dark corner or under the rug that are sabotaging their success (hint hint to my clients ;). These truly are the habits that are holding you back and habits are hard to break. The phase “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” pops into my head when I think about this.  So let’s shine the light on those little things that we choose to overlook and realize that they really wont’ be that missed once we see the changes that they are getting in the way of. Maybe it’s that “left over” Easter chocolate, or that “little” bag of cheesies, or that “small” bowl of ice cream during your favorite show before bed. Let’s acknowledge these things and work them out of your routine. Now here’s the hard part; I don’t want you to replace these little habits with anything, just get rid of them. If your goal is weight loss, Calories are king, and at the end of the day if you’re are taking in more Calories than your body uses in a day, boom, weight gain. Or at the very least, not weight loss. So here’s my challenge to any of my clients reading this and to you as well; make a list of 5 things that you are doing that you know you shouldn’t be doing. Now this might be tough and that is kind of the point, but be as honest as you can. Then pick one that you know you can avoid or not do 90% of the time for two weeks. Then write yourself a note, something like; “I will not eat (or buy) any cheesies for the next two weeks” and put it everywhere you can think of to remind yourself. If the problem is that it’s already in the house (ie Easter Chocolate), get rid of it! It’s a fact that if you have food in your house you WILL eat it eventually. Take it to work, take it to your kids sporting event, throw it away if you have to. Make the choice and get rid of it. What’s more important, your health, or getting your money’s worth out of some chocolate?

Now I’m not saying to not focus on the positives or totally forget about them. If you can fill up your water bottle and have it close by and drink it more, fantastic. However, don’t use the positives as an excuses to ignore those things that are actually holding you back. If you want to see change, and I mean for real, forever kind of change, it’s time to start being honest with yourself and your choices, because in the end, adding two positive will never beat the one negative that is holding you back.

Thanks for reading everyone.


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