Teach a person to Fish. A new twist on an old adage.

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life. This has always been a philosophy of mine when it comes to fitness and exercise. I’ve always tried to teach my clients and students, what we are doing, how to do it and why. If one of my clients goes on vacation or tries another trainer’s class or just wants to go it alone, my number one goal is that they can hold their own. The same holds true for the MY Body Transformation Experience. This is a weight loss Experience that I have been running for just over a year now. Through the Experience, participants receive nutritional counseling and meal plans from a Registered Dietician, professionally designed group fitness classes, accountability through food journaling and regular weigh-ins and measurements as well as the support of regular meetings with the group and myself. This format is not new and it is not based on any fads or gimmicks. The Experience is real people, learning how to eat, move and live in order to create a sustainably healthy lifestyle to reach weight loss goals.

The Experience works, if you work the Experience. And through it you have all of the information and support that you need to be successful. However, the true test of the MY Body Transformation Experience is when someone feels ready to take the step to move away from the group. Can someone take the tools that we’ve worked on during our time together and put them to use in a way that helps them remain successful? When someone moves on from the group I have mixed emotions. I’m excited for them, I’m nervous for them, but mostly I’m also proud of what they have accomplished. Reaching weight loss goals takes work and dedication. And stepping out of the comfort of the group takes courage. I work hard to give my clients the best support that I can, and if a graduated “Transformationer” has a little stumble or needs support or a ‘re-charge’, we are here for them. But one thing is for sure, giving someone just enough to keep them coming back, but not enough to soar on their own is a sure-fire way to ensure failure for everyone involved.

If you have been trying to find a weight loss program or method that doesn’t leave you hungry for food or starving for information. Something that leaves you feeling empowered and confident in your ability to manage your health and weight, then maybe the MY Body Transformation Experience is for you. Visit Here for more information or email kingcobrafit@gmail.com

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