Remember this feeling!

FullSizeRenderCongratulations! You made it through the first week. Now remember this feeling

Maybe you’re a bit sore, maybe a little tired but you feel great! You might not be able to explain why you feel so good, other than to say “I feel alive”. Now remember this feeling. Think of five or six words that describe how you feel and put them in places that you will see them. If things get tough or you run into some challenges, you need to be able to remind yourself why you MUST continue or get back to what you’ve been doing. We can easily forget how things make us feel, especially if it makes us feel good, its human nature. It is also human nature to take the path of least resistance, which for a lot of us, is not exercising or being active. But if you are easily reminded of how much better you feel moving, sweating and enjoying it, the more likely you are to keep it up through the whole year.

The human body was made to be used. Aches and pains are more likely a result of disuse than an effect of use. An 18th century physician Tissot said “Movement as such may take the place of many remedies, but all the remedies together can never take the place of the effect of movement.”

Keep moving, keep it simple and keep it at the top of your priority list. Your body will thank you.

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Matt Kingstone

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