21Days Later: A Challenge

21 days later: A Challenge

 Over the last few months I have extended 21 day challenges to my clients. Statistically it takes 21 days to create a habit, so the idea was to challenge them to focus on one thing for 21 days that may otherwise be a behaviour that could be neglected. I have also taken up the challenges and the experience has been an eye opening one.

To date the Challenges that I have laid out have been A) To drink 8-10 cups or 2-2.5L of water everyday B) To eat 6-8 servings of veggies every day and the latest challenge C) To be mindful of your self-talk and if you notice it going to the negative side attempt to put a positive view on it. The latter I believe to be the most difficult so far.

It is quite shocking though, how focusing on something as simple as drinking enough water in a day can prove to be more difficult that you might think. Now I won’t pretend to be some 21 day guru and claim to have met all of the challenges so far with ease. To be honest there have been some days with all of the challenges that I have failed miserably. But I really think that the awareness of failure is a win in and of itself. The whole concept is to bring attention to healthy behaviours that can have a positive impact on your health and wellness. The process of realizing that work has to be put into certain areas to improve your health and wellness is huge step. Much can be learnt from failure. And the biggest lesson to be learned is not to give up. Just because you’ve had one bad morning or day or week for that matter, there is always time to turn that day around.

Another part of the challenge is to identify road blocks, things that have kept you from meeting your daily goal. Once we pinpoint things that get in our way we can set in motion steps to combat them. If you realize that when you forget you water bottle at home your water intake takes a kamikaze nose dive, then you know that you need to ensure that you don’t forget your water bottle. Sometimes just saying “I won’t forget ever again” just isn’t realistic, so maybe stashing a few bottles in key places that you spend your time would also be a good idea. Some challenges are more difficult for some than others. A number of my clients had no problem with the veggie challenge. That one by the way was a difficult one for me. I found having veggies pre-cut and ready to go was my key to success. However, that takes a considerable amount of work to stay on top of. But that is the whole point, eating my Canada Food Guide recommended 7-8 servings of veggies every day is something that I need to do in order to maintain optimal health. So meeting that goal should be a must and I need to change my priorities around to ensure that I meet it.

Where do your priorities lie? What’s important to you? If you identify something as being important to you, figure out what you have to do realize that ‘something’. Set yourself one manageable goal to accomplish it and do it every day for 21 days. Be aware of what is causing you to miss the mark now and again and be proactive to turn it around. When you reach your goal or are successful with your own 21 day challenge, reward yourself. Treat yourself to something that you want or need as a pat on the back. Just ensure that your reward is something that doesn’t set you back. If your goal is centred around weight loss for example, rewarding yourself for a pound or two change on the scale with a piece of cake or a sweet treat may not be the right message to send yourself. Perhaps instead try a massage or a trip to the spa, something that is positive and makes you feel good.

Remember, this is your life and it’s yours to control. If there is something that you want in your life, go get it! If it seems too big to think about, break it down to small changes or challenges to turn into habits. Just don’t forget them once you’re through your 21 days. A new habit still takes nurturing. And if it doesn’t feel like a habit, chances are it isn’t and you still need to work on it. Focus and determination are keys to success. We won’t always be successful on the first or even the fourth try, but if we keep trying we can never truly fail at something. Chins up, Eyes open, keep pushing.

Thanks again for reading everyone, see you next time.

Matt Kingstone

King Cobra Fit

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